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Tower records does have a kpop section! It was on the 4th floor i think :O its near the till anyway! (well it was when we went! and they had a sale! and LOADS)

I assumed they would but its whether or not they have the album as it comes out on the 28th (according to wiki) and I’ll be going there on the 29th. 


SNH48’s 《一心向前》 election concert will be LIVE STREAMED!

The concert takes place on 7/26 (July 26) at 7pm CST.





Please note that some of these websites might be region blocked to China only.

Hyuna teaser 2 hnnnnnnng

Team E Banana Revolution yes yes 

Dasu Tsuma and Tani YESYESYES

so goood

Will be buying Type C & D of SKE’s single next week and hoping Tower Records might have a kpop section so I can pick up Hyunas album before I come home…if not could check out korea town I s’pose.

Sekai no Chuushin wa Osaka ya 〜 Namba Jichiku 〜

what? red teaser #2

Some day 3 photo’s. Akihabara, maid cafe and gundam cafe.

sweet dream, baby

sweet dream, baby

Day 3

Today was a day full of geek. So it was of course spent at Akihabara! We started the morning off at a cafe in our hotel and had bacon and eggs, which was quite nice despite the small portion size. We then headed off to a different metro station (not wanting to walk 3 miles around all the tunnels in Shinjuku station) which took us past the Metropolitan building. The tube journey was stress free and we arrived at our destination ready for the day. As we avoided going to Shinjuku station and took a different line we actually arrived at the other end of Akihabara, but that worked to our favour as we weren’t completely overwhelmed.

The first shop we entered sold lots of anime figures. Most of which Dad knew nothing about however I managed to finally get my hands on Nendoroid Strength from Black Rock Shooter to complete my set! Next stop was to AKB photo shops almost directly next to each other. This is not a place to let me stay long as I can spend way too much on AKB photos as many of my wota friends will know. I restrained myself though (no really Dad I did) and only bought a few Myao and Sakiko (as well as Momo for Ali) and also got some coasters and another photo album (for a complete bargain! Hoping I find more as spending £15 on the ones on eBay do not compare to 380yen here). Oh I did also managed to get the 1830m Concert DVD for a bargain too, something I have wanted for ages!

After a quick stop at Excelsior Cafe (fast becoming our favourite stopping point) we continued on, the shops now becoming larger and much more obviously anime or game related. LoveLive music was blasting from every shop, which coupled with the giant posters on the sides of buildings made me even sadder the 2nd season has ended. I ended up getting two LoveLive CDs in a sale and resisted buying the rather expensive concert DVD that was playing on a screen at the front of most stores. 

We soon ventured off into a side street in which my Dad said “Quick, make the maid give me her leaflet” 10 minutes later we are sat in a toy room themed Maid Cafe (Alone might I add) clapping our hands together to perform the magic that makes the food tasty. However creepy that may sounds, and how weird my Dad found it I actually loved the experience. Even with my broken Japanese I managed to have a decent conversation with our Maid and the food was really great too! I also got a 2shot with her on a polaroid that she then decorated herself! Dad amused himself with the Sylvester and Tweety bird cartoon on the TV.

We continued on through the heat looking in a few more shops (and spending all our 100yen coins on Gacha machines) before we decided it was time to visit the AKB Cafe&Shop and the Gundam Cafe. Having not eaten at the maid cafe Dad had a meal at the Gundam Cafe, neither of us follow Gundam but it was a nice atmosphere. Followed shortly by Me spending stupid amounts of money of merch from the AKB shop that had Myao’s face on it. This was all good until I realised later that the lady had not given me the posters I had asked for (and paid for). Bit pissed at that but there was no way I could prove she hadn’t even if I spoke perfect Japanese. The cafe itself had a huge line and at that point I was too hot and tired to eat more overpriced food (even if it was for AKB). 

Finally we started to walk back towards the station, looking in a few more shops and listening to LoveLive fill the streets. I didn’t have the energy to explore Donki, but I’m sure we’ll be going back further on in the trip.

Our day ended with a short walk from the metro to the hotel in a huge thunderstorm. I welcomed the rain having been horribly hot all day but it did put a stop to any more adventures for the day. We finished off with a videocall with Mum and a convenience store dinner.

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Sorry for not posting with photos again, this morning when I uploaded Day 2 I was in a rush and now nothing is loading sobs, everything is on my G+ though so please do look! 

Want to go to bed now but I’m trying to post my blog post on tumblr with pictures this time and shit all is loading.
Also dad’s fallen asleep and is snoring loudly and it’s just adding to my annoyance with this fucking machine.

layhan at it again || 140718 lost planet in shanghai day1

  • Luhan:bring your handphone with you to 'Law of the Jungle'.
  • Tao:there's no reception in the jungle.
  • Lay:but you can take selcas with your handphone.
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    [G+] Matsui Jurina


    There are two things I’m looking forward to today. ♡♡
    I’ll do my best~!

    I found it~ 


    Ye~y. ♡♡
    The strength of the cafe-frappe. haha

    I wanted to eat the ‘Mikan to wa?’ jelly~ 


    *Heart beating* ♡♡
    Very soon. \(^o^)/
    I think it’ll be something that would bring delight to everyone as well. 

    One of the things I was looking forward to
    has finished. 

    From now is something private that I’m looking to. 

    I’ll report it afterwards. 

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