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BREAKING: f(x) Sulli to take break from entertainment industry; f(x) to end all promotions



SM Entertainment has announced that f(x) Sulli has decided to take a break from the entertainment industry due to hateful comments and rumors .

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I am enjoying this trip but because of the heat and my Dad’s health we are spending most of it in the hotel room :/

New purse with new thug seme keychain!

New purse with new thug seme keychain!

oh my god …

oh my god …

God the gifs and screen shots of the shuffle look so intense. I think I will buy it when we go back to Akihabara

1/ of AKB’s Costumes - Graduation Dress

ずるいよMagnetic today
ずるいよMagnetic today
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it’s here.


officer-yuko replied to your post “Hyuna teaser 2 hnnnnnnng Team E Banana Revolution yes yes  Dasu…”

Tower records does have a kpop section! It was on the 4th floor i think :O its near the till anyway! (well it was when we went! and they had a sale! and LOADS)

I assumed they would but its whether or not they have the album as it comes out on the 28th (according to wiki) and I’ll be going there on the 29th. 


SNH48’s 《一心向前》 election concert will be LIVE STREAMED!

The concert takes place on 7/26 (July 26) at 7pm CST.





Please note that some of these websites might be region blocked to China only.

Hyuna teaser 2 hnnnnnnng

Team E Banana Revolution yes yes 

Dasu Tsuma and Tani YESYESYES

so goood

Will be buying Type C & D of SKE’s single next week and hoping Tower Records might have a kpop section so I can pick up Hyunas album before I come home…if not could check out korea town I s’pose.

Sekai no Chuushin wa Osaka ya 〜 Namba Jichiku 〜

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