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Photos of things I’m selling on CosplayIsland. (I’m too lazy to put them on photobucket and then put them on the forums)

If any of you guys are interested here let me know though ^^

Dead or Alive 1/6 Scale Hitomi figure. Almost Mint Condition. - £25 + P&P

Long Blue dye-able/Comb-able/curl-able/heat resistant wig never been worn outside - £25 inc. P&P

Short brown wig worn once (Please note it is quite small, so if like me you have a large head fullofknowledgekeke I wouldn’t recommend getting it) - £13 inc. P&P

Short Blonde wig never been worn. Perfect for Hetalia England cosplay - £15 inc. P&P

Where P&P is inc. that’s only for the UK, CosplayIsland where I’m hoping to sell is a UK only site, international post would be more.

Paypal only, message me if interested ^^

  1. varrictetris said: I actually really want the two short wigs but I have no money AND I don’t even know how much these would be in USD. |D
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