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Ultimate Bias Trio 

My Ultimate Bias Trio consists of Choi Minho, Lee Sunny & Kim Hyuna~

Choi Minho

The flaming charisma himself, he is full of passion and determination for everything he does, his competitiveness, his fierce rap, beautiful voice and kind fatherly love make up the man that is Choi Minho. That smile can make my day. I look up to Minho a lot, he has accomplished so much already, yet still strives for perfection in everything he does. I love everything about this man, being able to see him sing live would be a dream come true~

Kim Hyuna

4Minutes main rapper, the Trouble Maker, Hyuna is incredible. She is so sweet and silly off stage but is also very kind and caring, especially to the 4Minute maknae Sohyun. On stage however she turns into a force of nature, on stage she is strong she raps and dances her ass off every time. Even when she is in pain. This girl gets too much hate, I love her for staying strong and for always doing her best and I hope one day she will truly get the recognition she deserves.

Lee Sunny

Sunny is the Aegyo Queen so cute and adorable but strong and sexy at the same time. I love Sunny for the same reason I love Hyuna, she is caring and loving to her members but also most people she meets. She became my bias after watching Invincible Youth, she always did her best and looked after the other members while also being so funny too. I admire her voice too, she has such a beautiful voice and is so versatile too.